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CYCLEHUB Logo development.
Logo designed for Berlin / Munich based bike brand Veloroo. The concept stores are called Cyclehubs and I created a simple and recognisable type based design for signage and poster use. 

Cyclehub poster v2.png
Cicli Bonanno Collaboration
Custom paint job design as a collaboration with frame builder Nico Bonanno in Berlin, I re-imagined aspects of the logo as a pattern that was integrated into subtle parts of the bike's paint job.
Initial design sketches.
“BONANNO”Written out as geometric shapes, which were then translated on to other parts of the frame. Painted by VeloCiao
Rapha Clubhouse Berlin Infographics
Visuals for the Tour de France decorations whilst the race was being live-streamed daily for 3weeks in the Clubhouse. Table designs explaining what each of the race leader jersey colours mean.
Vinyls were applied to a glass sheet over prints made to fit the tables exactly. Info was then displayed in English & auf Deutsch to suit a wider audience in Berlin. 
Rapha Legion Concept
Whilst working for Rapha, I worked on a brief to come up with a concept for Legion of LA's new team kit.
legion patterns.png
legion patterns 2.png
The patterns on the jersey were created from textures inspired by graph profiles, eg heart rate, elevation, speed etc.
Cycling can be a numbers game, which is where the concept originated from.
leg tests1.png
Initial design sketches.
leg tests3.png
Integrating another pattern into the jersey designs to emulate the mapping element of recording cycling data, and tracing the history of where one has ridden, and combining with the previous pattern.
More variations
leg tests2.png
Final Design outcomes
leg finals.png
HOKA Project Clifton Social Media Content
Creating an Instagram reel promoting a pair of shoes for HOKA, the Projects Cliftons.
gif test_00095.png
gif test_00042.png
gif test_00179.png
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