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Rapha Berlin
Visual Merchandising
& Graphic Design
Designs for Rapha's retail space in Berlin: shop fittings and visuals to make the in-store experience unique, and emulate an authentic feeling of passion for cycling enthusiasts
Table designs explaining what each of the race leader jersey colours mean in the Tour de France.
Vinyls were applied to a glass sheet, laid over prints made to measure around cafe seating areas. Info was then displayed in English & German to suit a wider audience in Berlin. 
Tour de France world tour change out decorations created to encourage visitors to engage with TdF  events & content,  as well as live viewing of the race shown in store. 
Before and after, designed new shop fitting to make a more dynamic display system for a range of different products. 
Vuelta a Espana & Giro D'Italia world tour change out decorations. 
A-Board vinyls designed using in house Rapha typefaces 
Coffee Giftcards that double as business cards to give to customers. 
6 Year anniversary of Rapha Clubhouse Berlin. 

Showreel of thousands of images taken since being open in 2017. 

The video was displayed in-store and online during the celebrations across the week, and was made to solidify the community feel of the scene in Berlin - hence why the stores are called Clubhouses.
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